A Tricky Topic

Creative process is a tricky discussion topic. It is easy to “get into the weeds” of the world of objectives, measurements, and arcane subjects likes intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. However, when most of us embark on a creative endeavor, there is an ingredient that often inserts itself into the stew of the process. It is … [Read more…]

Celebrate Art!

Because artists tend to do most of their work out of public view, the common perception remains that artists are different, doing their work under cover of secrecy, ala Tom Waits’ sung question, “What’s he building in there?” Whatever the sauce…or source of the inspiration, the art rarely is chalked up to the reality.  There’s … [Read more…]

Consistency, Part III: A Magic Sauce?

The consistent “pot-stirring” of hobgoblins begs a look at the “magic” of the landscape in which the hobgoblin moves. Shakespeare’s Puck, a hobgoblin par excellence, is a “knavish sprite” who serves Oberon, the Fairy King. Puck possesses a range of magical skills, from creating mistaken identities to changing Bottom’s head into a donkey’s head. In … [Read more…]