An Upside-Down Ride

Flying hooves sprayed sand in my face. Fetlock hair and hooves filled my viewshed as I hung upside-down and tangled in a stirrup. I remember wondering how strange the horizon looked. The day had started out quite differently. My mule-headed, opportunistic pony and saddle had been traded; and I had moved up to a “real” … [Read more…]

An Ongoing Discussion

On a hillside, near the summit of one of the highest hills in southwestern England’s Vale of the White Horse, are two examples of that could play in a debate on “what is art.” The first example is the Uffington White Horse, a 374-foot long, stylized horse formed from trenches cut into the grass with … [Read more…]

A Follow-Up to Branding

What lies in a brand? Is it only an archaic artifact? Or, perhaps a name? In the case of this photo posted by artist Tom Dean, does the brand only drive a random price? What is the promise that lies in the name and does it warrant the $580 price tag on the t-shirt pictured? … [Read more…]