C Is for Consistency…Part I

A recent popular blog (http://reddotblog.com/artists-are-you-consistent-a-gallery-owners-perspective) shared the belief that artists need to understand the importance of consistency in order to increase the odds of securing gallery representation. The range of responses doesn’t surprise me.  Some view placing consistency over creativity the same as selling their artistic soul because it places the impetus of the creating … [Read more…]

Bodacious Boudicca (Bo for short), July 2003-February 2015

Bodacious…a combination of bold and audacious.  Downright and unmitigatedly, perhaps even notoriously, thorough or complete. Boudicca… Warrior queen of the Iceni, a people living in eastern England.  Boudicca’s husband was considered a Roman ally, but on his death the Romans took the land, enslaved the people, flogged Boudicca, and raped her daughters. In A.D. 60, … [Read more…]

A Tale of Two Friends

The land holds this story of two friends who were lost this past week – Gary Standley and Taoufik Agoumy. It is a tale of two very different individuals, separated by physical and cultural oceans. Unknown to each other, more than a friendship with me links them. Taoufik and his wife Oulya came into my … [Read more…]

Glass Half-Full or Glass Half-Empty?

Each time I drive past Travis School, the one-room schoolhouse where I started my whole adventure in learning, I see the possibilities.  “Some day, it could be a __________” or “Someday, wouldn’t it be great if __________?” I have never doubted that the school with such a mix of memories for me would ever be … [Read more…]

Order and Organization

My husband recently emailed me this photo with the comment, “Your desk doesn’t approach this!” His words calmed my guilty panic about the growing piles of books and notes surrounding my computer.  Although I have never subscribed to the “day’s-end-clean-desk” model touted by efficiency experts, I can retrieve what I need to work on a project. … [Read more…]