Living Concretely

Back in what feels like another lifetime, nearly three years ago, I had the opportunity to spend a day with a roomful of rawhide braiders – and the one person who arrived in the class to a chorus of “Who let in the Saddlemaker?” Today, when I opened my social media page, the first post … [Read more…]

Full Moon in January

No, your calendar doesn’t have a misprint. In this first month of the new decade, the full moon isn’t until January 24, but perhaps that is where the collision started. Here’s what happens to me – things collide. They don’t just sort of quietly merge together; they slide with a bang, images tangling with words. … [Read more…]

Saddling a Galloping Horse

The press of work and expectations of what was planned seem to elbow each other sharply about now, pushing, crowding, and yelling for a better place in line in an already packed mind. In short, the “should’ves, would’ves, and could’ves” crowd the balance of summer around the end of July. We may begin to feel … [Read more…]

Critical Mass

It is interesting how ties from the distant past follow us. Recently, I found a packet of letters from my great-grandfather to his father discussing his preparations to leave Kentucky ahead of the impending Civil War. The planning included selling off house goods, purchasing supplies, and packing the wagons for the trek west. Over 150 … [Read more…]

Becoming Native to the Land

Towards the end of last year’s hunting season, we answered the doorbell to see a good friend who was celebrating a day off by hunting and stopping to visit. His visit and his sharing of plans for the future reminded me of a piece I wrote several years ago about becoming native to the land, … [Read more…]